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The Travels of Sir Duncan Wiltshire


Indie Game Concept


What started off as a character design project for a final boss and environment developed into an game concept that might or might not be pursued further.




The game plays from the POV of

an 18th century British botanist,

Sir Duncan Wilsthire, who has set

off to discover new plant species

of the New World. His crew and ship

arrive at an unknown island off the

coast of Peru, where he befriends a

local tribe.


The tribe explains that the island has

 an unusually large assortment of hallucinogenic plant species that offer

a variety of soul searching and existential experiences. The message is lost in translation as Wiltshire misconstrues

the words “hallucinogenic” with “health benefits”. He embarks on what he suspects will be a pleasant, scientifically progressive and nutritious expedition.


What follows is a trip of the ages, as the player experiences Duncan’s psychedelic visions under the influence of the various mind altering drugs he encounters, documents and consumes.

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